French Keratin is an upscale line of professional salon quality hair care products focused on the at home "do it yourself consumer" market. 
The product line is a unique at home keratin hair straightening product system that is FORMALDEHYDE FREE
safe, easy to use and effective for everyday consumers to use to straighten their hair. 

The main function of the keratin at home hair straightening system is to reduce the amount of
curl, wave, and frizz in hair by 80 to 90 percent for
a period of 45 to 60 days by using a unique blend of botanicals, sugars, proteins, vitamins and other priority ingredients.  

Based on many different beauty magazines and professional publications, curly and wavy hair is expressed as a dominate gene and this gene is expressed in a majority of men and women worldwide.  It is estimated that approximately 
81 million American women have curly, wavy
or frizzy hair. 

Currently there are only two ways for curly or wavy hair to become straight - either by heat or by some form of chemical treatment. Both methods are temporary. Most chemical hair straightening treatments are effective for 7 to 90 days while heat treatment will only last until the hair is washed, becomes wet or is exposed to humidity.

A professional stylist at a salon or spa can charge from $150 to $600 to straighten a client’s hair. The end result is that most hair straightening procedures only lasts for 30 to 90 days depending on the chemicals used before they have to return for additional straightening and touch-ups. Also, 50 percent of women today worldwide have their hair colored or highlighted. 

When hair straightening products are used on colored or highlighted hair, the hair becomes stressed and damaged while the color or highlights begin to rapidly fade. Today there is a solution to the problem; French Keratin Hair Care Products can straighten hair along with maintaining and even enhancing the color of our client’s hair without the potential harmful effects of formaldehyde or other harsh chemicals. Currently in today’s market, a majority of the older at home hair straightening kits use caustic or harsh chemicals. In many cases these caustic chemicals not only damages the hair but can also damage the customer’s scalp
as well. 

Today anyone can afford to have to have healthy looking straight hair at a fraction of the cost from professional salons.